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The New Bernina #97 Foot

 Packaged 97D



Bernina's newest foot is the #97 and #97D for 9mm Bernina machines. Many of you have asked to know more about this wonderful straight stitch  foot. Aurora Sewing Center in New York was lucky enough to receive a #97D foot to try out and has kindly shared what they learned.  A special thanks to Karie at Aurora Sewing Center for providing the following information and images!

Foot #37D and #97D side by side


When you place the 37D and the 97D foot side by side you can immediately see the difference between these feet. The 37/37D is a 1/4″  to the edge of the foot on either side of the needle all the way back on the foot. Those of you who sew on 9 mm machines know that 9 mm feet are wider than traditional 5 mm feet so that they cover the wider feed dogs on 9 mm machines. The tricky part about a 1/4″ foot is that the whole point is that it needs to be 1/4″ wide, so just making it wider doesn’t work.

   37D on machine

#37D on machine

It’s easy to see the issue with a 1/4″ foot on a 9mm machine from the picture above. The feed dogs are not full covered by the presser foot. Some people noticed a slight “pull” to the left or right when trying to piece with the 37/37D feet and shared their frustration with BERNINA.  BERNINA’s response was the AWESOME 97/97D feet!

97D on machine

#97D on machine

The new 97D foot solves the issue of not covering the feed dogs by widening the left side of the foot as well as widening the back of the right side of the foot.  The 97D is packaged with a seam guide that nestles into the right side of the foot and removes any overhang of the feed dogs.

The 97D foot creates a very solid, accurate feel to piecing. There was no pull at all from those pesky hanging feed dogs and the seam guide ensures an almost perfect 1/4″ seam. BERNINA recommends two things to ensure a perfect stitch.  The first is using your straight stitch plate.

Because of the large bobbin on the 7 series and the large stitch opening on a 9mm machine some people have seen a slight wobble on the straight stitch. Using the straight stitch place ensures that the thread comes up from the bobbin perfectly straight and produces a flawless stitch. The second recommendation from BERNINA for creating your perfect seam is to change your stitch!  The first time an alternate straight stitch was mentioned I thought it was a little nutty. A straight

stitch is a straight stitch is a straight stitch right? Nope!


Stitch 1326 and description of stitch

The “?” button is one of my favorite features on my 750, and it told me that stitch 1326 is a straighter stitch used for piecing. I have tried both the default straight stitch and 1326 and there is a noticeable difference between the two. So if you aren’t using 1326…you better start! If you are a quilter and you own a 9mm machine (450,640, 180, 200.730, 560, 580, 710, 750, 780 ect.) you should seriously consider purchasing this foot. Check out the video below from BERNINA to see the 97 foot in action:

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The 2014 EmbroidaBlock of the Month program combines the fun and unique HoopSisters technique with designed and digitized quilting by Sharon Schamber.

This program is NOT Bernina specific and comes multi-formatted in 5", 6", 7", 8" and 9" block sizes. 



We now sell Kai Scissors!


KAI scissors are made in Japan.  The black handle KAI scissors and shears are made of fine stainless steel with vanadium.  KAI scissors are hand polished and balanced allowing for fatigue-free cutting on all types of fabrics.  Soft ergonomic handle grips and hardened stainless steel blades offer superior cutting action.


These versatile scissors can cut lightweight fabric including silk without fabric slippage on the blades or cut multi-layers of fleece, denim, cotton and polyblend fabrics.  KAI original scissors, KAI dressmaking shears, KAI 5000 series, and the KAI 7000 series scissors continue to be a favorite in the sewing and quilting industry.




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Software 7 Upgrade is now in stock!   
The BERNINA DesignWorks Software Suite is comprised of three modules:

CutWork,PaintWorkand CrystalWork. Each module may be used independently, or in combination with the others. With the DesignWorks Software Suite and your PC, you can create unique designs to use with the PaintWork, CrystalWork and CutWork tools.



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